I am a biologist who trained at the Universities of London and of Nairobi.

alan r walker

Most of my research and teaching I did at both a government research laboratory and in a veterinary school. I have also worked in the commercial sector: as a copy-editor of scientific textbooks, and as a survey biologist for an industrial scale pest control company.

I researched infectious and parasitic diseases of domestic animals, with particular emphasis on ticks and other transmitters of pathogenic microbes. (Go to http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alan_Walker7   for a list of publications and their downloadable files.) This was done first in Kenya, for a decade. Then followed collaborations in fourteen other tropical and sub-tropical countries from South America to India, and laboratory work in Britain. Now I am affiliated to the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Edinburgh. This experience inspired the writing and illustration of guidebooks to insect, mite and tick parasites of domestic animals featured here.

My writing now is for the popular science market, aimed at a wide audience. I ask questions and provide some answers about the complex and counter-intuitive relationships between technology and fundamental research.

My wife and I live in Scotland. Our children have left home but now we help them raise their children. To relax we go into the mountains of Britain and the French Alps hunting for flowers with a camera.