I am a biologist who trained at the Universities of London and of Nairobi.

     alan r walker EDRED2 

Paid work I did at both a government research laboratory in Kenya and at the University of Edinburgh. Research results were published in formal, international, journals: about one each year and a similar rate for papers that I collaborated in. These publications were in the field of parasitic diseases of livestock animals, specially those involving insects, mites and ticks. Working visits were made to countries in the Americas and Africa, also to India and Australia.

I started writing books in 1994 with a guide to parasites of livestock. Several similar identification guides followed through collaborations. Now my writing is for people with interests in the natural world with emphasis on trees and forests. The mountain flower guide here has been fully revised in 2024 with new photographs and maps and simpler text.

My wife and I live in Scotland. To relax we go amongst the woodlands and mountains of Europe, seeking interesting flowers and woodlands, equipped with guidebooks and camera.